• drug detox

    How Long Does Detox Take?

    Drug and alcohol addictions cause a great deal of damage and pain to users and the people around them. That’s why is it’s always good news when an addiction sufferer steps forward and asks for help. When someone finally decides to ask for help with an addiction issue for the first time, they do so with little knowledge about what to expect from treatment. This lack of knowledge often stands in the way of some people seeking help in the first place. The very idea about detox and how long does detox take are scary concepts to a lot of people. BTW: The short answer is five days to several…

  • drug costs

    How Much Do Drugs Cost?

    Addiction to drugs and alcohol is expensive. It’s common for one person to spend thousands of dollars a year on their addiction. Many think rehab is too costly and refuses to go into a program for fear of losing money. In reality, they’re losing much more money to their addiction over time. We’ve got the number of just how much drugs cost, and how you can seek help. Heroin  Almost a million Americans report to using Heroin each year. Heroin is a drug that is heavily manufactured. This means the price can vary greatly depending on the purity of the drug and the area in which it is sold. Just one dose…

  • crack cocaine

    How Is Crack Made?

    How is crack made? It’s a straightforward process that yields a product that is highly desired on the streets. Crack cocaine first made its appearance on the streets of NYC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and other major cities around the United States in 1984. Its popularity was intense, and it was an epidemic across the country by 1985.  Crack is the solid form of the famous street drug cocaine. Users can smoke these rocks rather than snorting the powder for a different kind of high. The euphoric feeling tends to be quick and intense. Sadly, the addictive properties of crack are even more addicted than powdered varieties.  The History of Cocaine…

  • Pills

    How Long Do Benzos Stay in Your System?

    Whenever the topic of how long a particular drug stays in the human system comes up, there are two directions in which the conversation can go. The conversation could flow towards health concerns, or it could flow towards fears of drug testing for legal reasons. For this article, the focus will fall on how long do benzos stay in your system. The discussion will address both of the directions, as mentioned above, in which the conversation could go. What Are Benzodiazepines? Benzodiazepines, or benzos, serve as central nervous system depressants, which help control and regulate certain body functions. These substances are typically prescribed by doctors to address anxiety disorders, sleep…

  • Medicare

    How Long Does Medicare Pay for Rehab?

    Before beginning any health-related process, it is essential to verify insurance benefits. If you are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, you may be wondering: how long does Medicare pay for rehab? The short answer is that it covers about 100 days of inpatient treatment and can cover more outpatient treatment time. Still, coverage varies according to different plans, as Part A, Part B, and Part D all cover various aspects of rehab care.  Seeking Treatment The level of care you seek can vary depending on the risk to your physical health and how frequently you use substances. Although choosing the best level of care for your needs is most…

  • how much does rehab cost?

    How much does drug + alcohol rehab cost?

    If you have a problem with substance abuse, you may be wondering, “How much does rehab cost?” It all depends on which services you need and how long you need them. Detox Detox services are designed to help you get through the first few days of sobriety. You are likely to experience both emotional and physical symptoms during this time. Social detox provides supervision and emotional support. Medical detox offers guidance, support, and medication to help ease the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Detox can cost anywhere from $250 to $800 per day. Sometimes detox is offered as part of a residential treatment program. If this is the case, you probably…

  • Antidepressant Withdrawal

    How long does antidepressant withdrawal last?

    Antidepressants are among the most common types of medication prescribed today, with over 1 in 10 Americans (over the age of 12) taking one of these drugs. There is a reason antidepressants are so popular: They work wonders to help people who struggle with anxiety, depression, and other types of mood disorders. However, that is not to say that their use is entire without problems. Depending on the person and the individual’s chemistry, antidepressants may come with a slew of side effects that can range from vaguely annoying to debilitating. Furthermore, thankfully, many people experience changes in their life circumstances that allow them to cease taking antidepressants. Unfortunately, it’s not always as…

  • girl addict

    How Do You Know if Someone Is Using Heroin?

    Heroin has long been one of the most commonly abused opioid drugs. Both older and younger people of different backgrounds can develop heroin addictions and experience the drug’s physical, psychological, and social effects. Like how to tell if someone is on meth, determining if someone is on heroin is not always easy, but many signs could indicate that a person is struggling with an addiction. Skin Problems One of the most common telltale signs of heroin addiction is changes in a person’s skin. They may appear to itch or pick more at their skin because of the effects of the drug. Excessively dry skin can occur because of the loss…

  • drug treatment

    How Long Does Treatment Take?

    Treatment is the best way to get back on the road to recovery. However, there are often questions about the length of treatment and how long you need to commit to it. For 2020 and the future, let us take a very close look at how long treatment takes. How long is drug rehab? To start things off, how long is drug rehab? In a nutshell, these programs typically take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Thirty days, 60 days, and 90-day programs are the most common. Experienced professionals will monitor your progress and determine how much longer your treatment should last. Even if you sign up for one program,…

  • how addiction affects the family

    How Does Addiction Affect Your Family?

    Addiction is a disease that impacts the functioning of a person’s brain. While addiction can impact every aspect of an individual’s life, how the disease can affect their family is sometimes overlooked. Addiction affects not just those suffering from the disease, but also their family, friends, and loved ones. Emotional Turmoil There can be many effects of addiction on a family. Often those who are faced with a loved one who is experiencing addiction will have to deal with many unpleasant emotions. These emotions and mindsets are often in direct relation to substance abuse. Their loved one may lash out, remain secretive, or even become aggressive. A family member may…

  • How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

    How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

    Alcohol is absorbed in the body at the rate of one ounce per drink per hour, and it stays in your system between one to three hours. However, it can still be detected in your urine and breath up to 24 hours, and hair tests can determine if you have drunk alcohol for the past 90 days. How long does it take for alcohol to leave your system? Well, on average, the body takes one hour to metabolize one standard drink. Your system straightforwardly metabolizes alcohol. However, how long the alcohol stays in your body will be determined by the amount of alcohol you drink. Once you take alcohol, it…

  • Opioids

    How Long Do Opioids Stay in Your System?

    Opioids are a prevalent drug taken by a lot of people for several reasons. Many people may ask, “How long does fentanyl stay in your system?”. The most basic answer is that an average person can eliminate half a drug dose in approximately 4 hours. For Fentanyl to be entirely removed from a person’s body, the number can reach several days. However, many other factors at work can change this amount of time. Testing for Opioids  The presence of Opioids in someone’s body can be tested in several different ways. Each way is different and means that the period the drug can be found can vary. Urine: Fentanyl can be…

  • triggers

    How Do I Handle Triggers?

    Triggers are people, places, or things that increase urges to use in an addict. Generally, the trigger ignites a particular emotion in the individual. Some common triggers include: drug dealers/users locations you used to do drugs at memories of trauma family members You can avoid most triggers, but some may pop up without any warning at all. When you work hard to get clean, you don’t want to throw away the progress simply because you encountered a trigger. What are you supposed to do? Here are tips for handling triggers.   1. Avoid triggers when possible You may not have control over every aspect of your life, but you do have…

  • Intervention

    How Do I Hold an Intervention?

    It’s difficult to watch someone suffering from alcoholism, especially if they are in denial. If you are wondering how to help an alcoholic that doesn’t want help, you may consider an intervention. An intervention is a loving conversation with the addict about their condition. The end goal is to get them to a rehabilitation center to detox and get help for their problem. However, this is a delicate issue, and it must be handled with delicacy. You may be wondering how do I hold an intervention? Here are some tips on how to conduct an intervention.  Approach the topic with sensitivity People are generally embarrassed about their addiction. If you…

  • How Do I Help a Recovering Addict?

    How Do I Help a Recovering Addict?

    It can be hard to watch a loved one suffering from addiction. You can be proud that they are taking steps to improve their condition, but you know it will be a long struggle. It’s essential to make the right steps to help them to ensure the best results for them and your relationship. However, you may not know precisely how to help. Here are some tips on how to maintain a recovering addict. Stay sober around themYou do not want to bring any temptation into the recovering addict’s life. Whether they say they are okay with it or not, it’s best to be sober when around them. It would…

  • stages of liver damage

    How Does Alcohol Affect the Liver?

    There are a wide variety of issues that can affect the liver, but how does alcohol affect the liver? Short-term misuse can cause scarring, inflammation, hypoglycemia, and severe dehydration. Long-term abuse can cause fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis. The liver is the primary filtering system for the body. It is tasked with breaking down and filtering out anything harmful before it gets into the bloodstream. Converting extra glucose, producing cholesterol, and regulating blood clotting are also essential jobs done by the liver. The liver is a self-repairing organ, which means that it can repair small amounts of damage. The liver can have a portion cut out and regrow…