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How Much Do Drugs Cost?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is expensive. It’s common for one person to spend thousands of dollars a year on their addiction. Many think rehab is too costly and refuses to go into a program for fear of losing money. In reality, they’re losing much more money to their addiction over time. We’ve got the number of just how much drugs cost, and how you can seek help.


Almost a million Americans report to using Heroin each year. Heroin is a drug that is heavily manufactured. This means the price can vary greatly depending on the purity of the drug and the area in which it is sold. Just one dose of Heroin could cost you from $5 to $20. This drug is very addictive. Those addicted to Heroin could spend up to $200 a day. This means an average of over $50,000 per year on the drug. 


Cocaine is a drug that is commonly inhaled, snorted, or injected into the veins. How much is a gram of Cocaine? A pure gram of Cocaine runs about $150. This gram is commonly broken down into about ten lines of coke. One of the most significant issues with Cocaine is that abusers use it with other stimulants. This makes it more deadly, as well as more expensive. This gram of Cocaine might last a few hours or a few weeks, all depending on the addiction level. Sometimes people spend hundreds of dollars a day on their addiction to Cocaine. This addiction costs about $10,000 per year. A severe addiction could mean over $35,000 per year.

Crack Cocaine 

Crack cocaine is Cocaine but in a crystallized version. Crack is the less expensive version because it is not as pure and does not produce a lasting high. Crack costs a little over $100. It usually costs about $60 per gram. A person addicted severely to crack Cocaine will spend hundreds of dollars per day on the drug.


Opioids are highly addictive, and misuse often leads to a drug overdose. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states the rise in deaths due to prescription opioid painkillers’ proliferation in the last four decades. Opioids are easier to maintain than many other drugs. Opioids like Vicodin cost a little more than $100 without insurance. On the street, this pill is sold for about four times more. Many people go for the cheaper alternative like fentanyl. Pills like Oxycodone and Percocet go for about $10 to $20 per pill on the street. A prescription with insurance makes it much less. This is why many people can afford this addiction, but the deadly impact is the same either way if they are abused. The main problem with this type of addition is that it requires higher amounts to get the same effect, so the person takes a higher number of pills each day. The annual cost can skyrocket to over $70,000.


Marijuana is tricky for many because it is legal in many states. Most people only use marijuana on a recreational basis. It usually ranges between about $70 and $300 per ounce today. This price also varies when buying it on the street versus buying it in a dispensary. Some high-grade ounces of marijuana sells for about $350. If an individual has a medical card for marijuana, they should expect to pay about $300 per ounce and about $50 for a gram. The highest price on the streets for “weed” is in Washington DC, where people spend about $600 per ounce. An average ounce of weed should provide someone with nearly 28 blunts, 42 joints, or 70 bowls for their bong. 


Methamphetamines are a powerful stimulant, releasing up to four times as much dopamine as Cocaine. This drug is powerful to make but easy to sell. A single hit of meth costs about $5. This is in its purest form, too. Many people die of meth-related overdoses. This is because this drug is easy to develop a tolerance to in a short amount of time. People think they need more to get high. Some addicted to meth smoke almost two grams of it per day. It can range from as low as $3 to over $500 per gram. Most grams cost around $50, giving the person about four hits each gram. 


 Alcohol is legal, but this doesn’t mean it is not abused. Alcohol addiction happens over time as people need more of the substance to reach their high. A $10 12-pack of beer might mean nothing to most people until it becomes a problem. If you drink this beer pack in three days, your costs are above $1300 per year. Alcoholics that engage in binge drinking spend about $6,000 per year on alcohol. This also varies depending on the type of alcohol you consume. There are cheap beer and high-dollar alcohol on the shelves. 

Rehab and Recovery

The value of rehab and recovery for an addict is priceless. The money spent on a person’s drug of choice versus the money spent on rehabilitation costs varies. An addiction treatment center costs about $1500 per patient. Most patients would spend this on their addiction within a few months. Meth treatment is more, ranging at about $6,000 per year. An addict will also look at jail time. This could set them back more than $18,000. A rehab center is much less than jail.

Overall, addiction costs a person their life and lots of money. Stress adds to the situation. This could also heighten health bills. Seeking recovery for addiction is the best way to save money and save someone’s life. Each step is one step towards recovery.